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At Access Direct Mail, we provide you with a comprehensive, reliable and stress-free experience. Whether you need design, marketing, printing, packaging, mailing or advertising specialties in any shape, size or format, we are committed to creating the best solutions for you. We strive to exceed your expectations in quality, delivery and cost savings through continuous improvements, upgrades and ongoing communication. Our staff has a careful eye for detail and will ensure that your project turns out exactly the way you envisioned it.

As your one-stop source for direct mailing services project management team, we will evaluate your needs and suggest a range of options that will bring your message to life.

Print & Personalization

When it comes to printing, there’s no job too large or too small for us to handle quickly and efficiently. We offer both digital and offset printing services. Our print experts can help you choose the best solution based on your needs and the scope of your project. We will work to accommodate your timeline, budget, and requirements.

Personalizing your message can achieve the return on investment. Our team can guide you through your data and determine what can be customized to create the greatest impact on your target audience.

Our Advanced Printing Equipment

We have the industry’s most state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality available directly to you:

  • Meets and exceeds offset quality as tested and reported by Image Test Labs
  • High-definition 1200dpi utilizing SCREEN SC Inks-G7 Profiles
  • FOGRA A Certification
  • 400 feet per minute perfected / duplexed and fully personalized productivity
  • 18” and 20” web width capability
  • The Hunkeler Dynamic Perforating allows up to 3 cross perforations and up to 8 longitudinal perforations all at the matched print speed of the press
  • Equios professional workflow system allows for increased production benefits, not only automating job and color management but also providing in-RIP imposition, JDF communication and PDF/VT support
  • Even with high-volume variable data and high-resolution images, print quality can be maintained without compromising all important productivity
  • X-Rite i1io Automated Scanning Table enables hands-free test chart reading for automated color profiling on a variety of substances with reduced risk of color measurement errors
  • Production Pro Award for outstanding color in Mid-Volume Production Print-1,500 12” x 18” perfected and personalized sheets per hour color printing output
  • Full productivity up to media of 400gsm-G7 grayscale calibration
  • IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer performs automatic density correction and front-to-back registration prior to printing
  • Utilizes the fastest and highest resolution inkjet print head technology
  • The Phoenix meets the increasing and rigorous demands for printing variable addresses, graphics, dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers, and texts on coated and uncoated substrates
  • High speed, accurate placement of plastic cards and other products onto carriers
  • Our turnover allows single pass productivity to flip over and address, tip-on, or the backside of any product
  • This line allows the ability to convert a continuous web into one or multiple offset stacks at speeds up to 590 feet per minute
  • 1-up or 2-up stacking and a maximum format size of 39” x 20”
  • Our LS8-30 Long Stacker supports the widest range of formats of stackers in the industry, from 4” x 6” postcards to B2-sized posters
  • Our FlowMasters provide full production in our mail shop with up to 12,000 inserts per hour paired with the intelligent sheet feeders
  • Removes multiple human touch points as the sheet feeders fold prior to entry of the FlowMaster
  • Our camera systems ensure proper matched mailings as well as quality control to the final output
  • We also run postmatic stampers as an additional option to our clients
  • The DUPLO Booklet System is a high-end collator and booklet maker with productivity of up to 3,500 booklets per hour
  • Utilizing a suction collator and the DBM Booklet maker module, we make quick work of your production booklet needs

Direct Mailing

When used effectively, direct mail is an integral marketing tactic for connecting with your customers and building brand awareness. It’s more affordable than advertising through mass media, plus we can easily track the results. Targeted direct mail gives you a proven medium to get customer responses, draw people to your storefront or website, and get results.

With postal regulations constantly changing, our clients rely on our advice and expertise to effectively get their message to its target on time, for the lowest possible rate. We use the most beneficial mailing and delivery methods calculated on timing, weight and volume specifications to maximize postal discounts. We help our direct mail clients save time and costs by handling the printing of the various components of their project, whether it’s 2,000 pieces or 200,000.


Effective, consistent marketing builds your business and familiarizes your customers with your distinct brand. From logos, letterhead and newsletters to advertisement mailers, brochures and postcards, Access Direct Mail can help you make a powerful and memorable impression on your audience. With our design and creative team, we ensure you have attractive, response-driven materials and mail pieces integrated with postal standards.

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Direct Mail & Digital Campaigns

Icon: Immediate AccessDM SOCIALMATCH


Match your mailing list with your Facebook® and Instagram® user accounts. Your target market will not only receive the mailing, but will be delivered the SAME message on their social feeds, even before they visit your website online.

Icon: Immediate AccessDM MAIL TRACKING


Be prepared for new calls and online leads by knowing exactly when your mailing campaign is hitting mailboxes.

Icon: Immediate AccessDM INFORMED DELIVERY


With Informed Delivery® integration, your mailing piece will be accompanied by a full color, clickable ad within the grayscale email preview sent by the USPS. You will also be able to track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened (geographically)!

Icon: Immediate AccessDM CALL TRACKING


Get access to live updates and recordings of every call you’ve received as a result of your direct mail campaign.

Icon: Immediate AccessDM ONLINE FOLLOW-UP


If a prospect leaves your website without taking action, your ads will show up throughout the Google® Network directing them back to your website.

Icon: Immediate AccessDM MEDIA-FOLLOW-UP


Keep your follow-up ads in front of your prospects even when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram.

Icon: Immediate AccessDM LEADMATCH


Receive a list of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took. With LEADMATCH, you can mail to unique visitors who visited your website, even if they weren’t on the mailing list! Finally, true attribution for a direct mail campaign!

Specialty & Fulfillment

Because we care about delivering results, our specialty and fulfillment processes were designed with a focus on accuracy, exceptional quality and meeting your distinct timelines. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide the most current capabilities in the printing and production industry with precision and perfection to achieve your goals.

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